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Proven Skills Combined with Creativity

O wner Nolan Briggs is a licensed general contractor and has over 20 years of experience in the construction trade. Having worked with award-winning builders and 30+ year industry mentors, Nolan’s skills combined with his creative mind enables him to craft one-of-a-kind space for his clients. From design of your new home or renovation with your architect Briggs Construction can assist all along the way.  The building or renovation of your dream home can be an intimidating process to even contemplate and can be even more nerve racking to endure.  We can take the pressure off of you and your family allowing you to move forward with confidence and an eagerness or anticipation of your future life in your wonderful new home.  Through our experience, we will provide you with ideas and suggestions on proper utilization of space as well as the use of aesthetically pleasing (and hopefully fun and exciting) materials, accents and trim concepts.  We treat every new project (big or small) as we would our own home and endeavor to create each one with its own unique personality.